Permit burning suspended in the City of Cockburn

The City of Cockburn Chief Bush Fire Control Officer has directed the following:

“On the basis that seasonal conditions have deteriorated from being ideal for safe burning off and that some erratic bushfire activity is now evident, it is appropriate to from this point on, suspend all further issuing of permits to burn within the City of Cockburn until the next restricted burning period April 2014. Any residents who currently have a valid permit to burn are to be advised that their permit is now cancelled.

 Although the City is still considered to be in the restricted burning period up to and including 30 November, given that valid permits are not being issued any fires lit within the City are likely to be unlawful”

To understand Fire Danger Ratings, and how they are assessed, the Department of Fire & Emergency Services has a comprehensive web page available. Click on the Fire Danger Ratings page through this link here to find out more. fdr