Becoming a Volunteer Bush Fire Fighter

South Coogee Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade is only as strong as its membership base. We have Fire Fighters from all walks of life who volunteer their time to help the greater community. If you are interested in joining we are keen to hear from you.IMG_8574

Recruitment and training of new members takes place at the Annual General Meeting in April. This intake completes their courses over the cooler months, in preparation for Spring and Summer where we focus on responding to bush fires, and facilitating fire prevention strategies in the City of Cockburn.

The below Q&A section is to provide you some initial information. Should you wish to find out more please send go to the Contact Us page.

1. I don’t have any experience in fire fighting

All Volunteers undergo a basic training course, giving you theory and some practical exposure to the equipment. The basic course is delivered by Department approved Trainers, and on completion links in to competencies that are accredited in the National Qualifications Framework. Once complete your basic course is then complemented by mentoring and station-based training, which we conduct throughout the year.P1000752

2. What time commitments are expected of me as a Volunteer Fire Fighter?

Simply put you help when you can. Not all of our members are able to leave during working hours to respond to incidents. Doing so must be based on agreement with your employer. With significant emergencies the Brigade is often expected to provide shifts of crews over several days. This would mean that our Fire Fighters are contacted to ascertain availability, and will go when available.

We train every fortnight on a Wednesday night. From time to time catch-up and/or extra sessions are offered on weekends. Additional courses are run by either the Department or local-Government through the winter months to further equip you for fireground operations.

On occasions the brigade also participates in community events such as the Coogee Beach Festival, CoobyFest, Cockburn Spring Fair, school and retirement village visits.

3. The equipment looks expensive, what do I have to provide?

Nothing but your undergarments! The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) necessary to operate safely on the fireground is expensive, and we have to outlay a lot to get you into the team. As such you will be expected to participate in training other brigade activities so that we can see your level of commitment before outlaying a decent portion of our budget to equip you.IMG_4516 4. How do I become a Volunteer Fire Fighter?

Our recruitment process is focused on your safety, familiarity with the team, our gear and the procedures necessary to be successful on the fire ground. As such we tend to run one recruitment intake annually, with new members able to join at the Annual General Meeting in April. Prior to that you are encouraged to visit and observe our training and meeting sessions, interact with the crew and gain a greater understanding of what being a volunteer entails.

Application for membership includes submission of some background information necessary for registration with the Department of Fire & Emergency Services, and the City of Cockburn. A Volunteer Police Check will be completed as part of this application.

If you are interested in learning more, simply go to the contact section on this site and send us a message, or jump on our Facebook page. One of the Leadership Team will be in contact, answering any further questions you may have.

See you on the fire-ground!